The Lemon Tree in the Classroom


University Common Reading Programs


“It was a fabulous book and there was a great discussion that ensued — our best session of the year.”

Purdue University Chancellor’s Reading Circle (Calumet) 


I was the one who chose this book. I am a nurse and am well educated in biology, anatomy and the sciences, but my knowledge of world affairs is sadly lacking. I also work at a hospital in Chicago where there are many Jewish and Arab healthcare professionals and patients. So as you can see, my choice was slightly selfish. I needed to expand my knowledge base.

It was a fabulous book and there was a great discussion that ensued. Interestingly, there were several members of the group who were Jewish and gave some interesting input. They felt that the Israeli-Palestine issues were described well in the book and gained a greater appreciation of the situation. It was clear that many in the audience only knew of the Arab nation as one of terrorism, but they were not aware of where all that anger and hostility had come from. I know that it was certainly an eye-opening experience for me. Two lines that were discussed at great length were “never again” from the Jewish side and “right to return” from the Arab side.

We did not use any study guide. It was all pure, genuine discussion. I thought that it was our best session of the year.

- Renee Zubay Fife, MSN Assistant Professor of Nursing School of Nursing Purdue University, Calumet Office

University Courses using The Lemon Tree


University of Eastern Michigan, Political Science Department, Professor Richard Stahler-Sholk, Fall 2007, Political Violence and Revolution


Binghamton University, Department of History, Professor Donald Quataert, Fall 2006 History 121: the Middle East since 1453


Seattle Pacific University, Department of History, Professor Don Holsinger, Fall 2006


James Madison University, International Affairs, Dr. Charles H. Blake, Spring 2007 INTA 489 Senior Seminar in International Affairs Syllabus


Hartford Seminary, Building Abrahamic Partnerships , Prof. Yehezkel Landau, et al. 2006, 200


University of Montana, Department of Geography, Dr. Shively, Spring 2007-07-16


Menno Simons College/University of Winnipeg, Conflict Resolution Studies, Professor David S Pankratz, Winter 2007

High School Students Read The Lemon Tree


University of Michigan, School of Education, Arab-Israeli Conflict Simulation Mentor Seminar, Jeff Stanzler, 2006 and 2007.


“I experience a wonderful moment every term that my students read The Lemon Tree, when several of the students talk, in differing ways, about how they had never thought of Palestinians as anything other than the violent “other.” They are “people!” Sandy’s work continues to make a powerful impact.”

- Jeff Stanzler, Director, Interactive Communications & Simulations (ICS) group


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